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Is there a problem?

As a parent, it can be difficult to determine whether or not your child is a ‘late bloomer’ or has a speech or language problem.  While there are reliable stages children pass through in the development of speech and language (see developmental milestones here), factors such as the innate ability to learn language, the types and amount of language a child hears and how people respond to a child’s early attempts at communication can all impact the pace of speech and language development.

How can Speechcenter, Inc. help?

Early intervention is key to preventing possible life-long problems.  Speechcenter, Inc. offers FREE in-office speech and language screenings to help determine if intervention is needed.  The screening is provided by a highly qualified Speech Language Pathologist.  The screening assesses a child’s ability in the areas of:  articulation (pronouncing sounds), language (understanding and using words), fluency (stuttering) and voice (tone, loudness).  Screenings last approximately 15 minutes, are available in English and Spanish and identify the need for a comprehensive evaluation and potential speech therapy services

How will I pay for services if they are recommended?

A critical component of Speechcenter’s mission is to provide quality services at the lowest possible cost to any individual in need of our services.  In order to accomplish that mission, we have a team of experienced billing professionals that are experts in navigating a wide variety of funding source types.  Our staff will insure that you are fully informed of the covered benefits for speech and language therapy prior to beginning any treatment.  You may be surprised to learn that many of our patients utilize their current health insurance coverage and pay no out-of-pocket cost for the medically necessary services they receive.
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